Georgioupolis Village

Georgioupolis is a seaside village located in on the west-northern part of crete.

About Georgioupolis


Georgioupolis lies in a green and picturesque bay 35km from Chania and 22km from Rethymno and is surrounded by mountains, rivers, sea and the Kournas lake, a unique location throughout Crete. Impressive and beautiful scenery is backed by the panorama of the White Mountains. An excurstion through the vine, olive and cypress landscape with its small mountain villages is a must. Georgioupolis Beach is thin sanded extending over 8 km long and is considered to be one of the cleanest and safest in the country.

Don't miss

There are lot of places that you should visit, both in Georgioupolis, but also in the villages around. Don't miss the beautiful and graphic harbor of our village, and of course have a walk to the St. Nicolas Chapel. Astonishing are also the enormous eucalyptus trees around the village especially the pretty eucalyptus avenue on the old road to Vrises village. Ask us for more information on what else you should visit. In no case you should miss the magnificent sunset (or a fullmoon rise if you are lucky) from the beach.


There are a lot of shops, where you can find a big variety of local products such as souvenirs, olive oil products and more. In the beach you will also find watersports and horseriding along the beautiful thin sanded Georgioupolis beach. By the harbor you can find a cruise ship where you can explore the Almyros gulf in the Cretan sea.


In Georgioupolis, you will come across a lot of local fishermen as well as farmers. Others are occupied in the tourist industry as the tourism increases among the years.